Summer Camp

New & Exciting Adventures All Summer Long

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At The Learning Experience, summer means FUN! Our summer program is designed to tap into children’s imaginations as they embark on an exciting new adventure every week. Your little learner will discover what it is like to be an underwater explorer, Olympic athlete, wacky scientist and much more!

TLE®’s Summer of Imagination:

  • Develops social skills
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Encourages intellectual growth
  • Includes STEM-based activities
  • Encourages problem solving skills
  • Provides hands-on learning opportunities all summer long
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Exciting Weekly Themes Filled with Endless Fun
Game Time
Bubbles will kick off your exciting summer by challenging the little learners both mentally and physically. Children will showcase their sportsmanlike conduct through fun and engaging activities such as magic shows, trivia, and obstacle courses. Children will transform from player to creator as they make up their own games. The summer is off to a great start!
Under the Sea
Take a plunge into the deep blue sea! The little learners will dive into the great big world of oceanography. With Sonar as their guide, the children will learn ways to conserve water, design and develop their own beach, and create unique sea creatures. Swim your way through the TLE Aquarium at the end of the week.
Become a hero this week! Grace and Charity will teach the importance of being a “hero” and doing good deeds. Children will learn about local superheroes that help our community. They will also learn how to be a hero by working together, helping others, and giving to charity. Children will create their own hero capes, practice acts of kindness, and perform skits that save the day. Everyone can be a hero, no matter their size!
A Library Mystery
Something is lurking in the library... And it’s up to the little detectives to figure it out! The children will investigate with Phoebe Phonics as they read a different mystery book each day. They will work together to follow the clues and solve the TLE mystery at the end of the week. Get your magnifying glasses out - there’s a scavenger hunt coming up!
Full STEAM Ahead!
Two Plus Toucan and Techni Cal will get children excited to put their engineering skills to work! The little learners will explore how machines function, and then they will be challenged to create their own robots using recycled materials. Math, science, and art will be prevalent this week as children work in groups to come up with creative problem-solving strategies. What will these little inventors come up with next?
TLE Café
Restaurants will be popping up all over TLE this week! Penny Polite will cheer the children on as they design restaurant blueprints, create menus, build cookbooks, and transform into little chefs. Collaboration and creativity will be ever-present as the children mix it up in the kitchen.
TLE Olympics 2020
Raise the torch! It’s an Olympic year at TLE, so children will get up and moving as they participate in different sports and activities. The little learners will team up with Miss Chievous and Flexi Flamingo as they discover the wide world of Olympic sports. Children will run in relay races, learn new stretches, and showcase their sportsmanship. They will even design their own sports gear and invent a new sport. Go Team TLE!
TLE Travel Guide
Are you craving adventure? Well then pack your bags! Tito and Ping are so excited to be your TLE tour guides. Children will travel through the tropics as they encounter new wildlife, build their own binoculars, and learn about items that sink and float. Get ready to see some stamps on your little learner’s homemade Passport! You may even receive some souvenirs...
Space Station
Get ready to zoom to the moon! The little learners will blastoff with Lionstein and explore the wide world of outer space. The children will explore gravity, learn about the planets, and build their own space shoes. They will become wacky scientists as they design and create their very own planet. Get your rockets ready! This will be an out of this world science adventure.
Art Walk
Express yourself through art! Children will channel their creative energy as they become artists, museum curators, and everything in between. Pablo Pigasso will get the children excited to experiment with mixed media as they create sculptures, textured paintings, and classroom murals. Parents will love to tour the TLE Art Museum at the end of the week! Get ready to see an explosion of color!
Lights, Camera, TLE!
You’ve received exclusive access behind the scenes at TLE! The children will showcase their talents and walk the red carpet with their friend, Billy Shakes. This week is all about taking your talents to the next level. Children will create their own playbills, design their own movie sets, and direct a play or movie based on a favorite book. Don’t forget to get your tickets to the event of the summer, the TLE Talent Show! Lights, camera, ACTION!