Reading is the key to unlocking your child's world

Exceptional Outcomes

9 out of 10

of our students learn to read before Kindergarten.

Average age: 4 years

Consistent Across Our Network

* Study conducted during the 2013-2014 school year.
We are looking forward to sharing our 2015-2016 results shortly. To give a fair reflection of our program and staff, we assessed students who attended for the full year.

  • Proprietary curriculum developed and refined over 30 years
    • Optimizes learning based on the six stages of early development
    • Incorporates S.T.E.M. activities to promote intellectual growth
  • All-inclusive enrichment programs: Yoga, soccer, drama, music, dance, and more!
  • Introduction of a foreign language: Spanish or Mandarin
  • Sign language to expand your child's IQ and communication skills
  • Our teachers are highly trained and passionate about helping children
  • Our 65 inch interactive touch boards make lessons more dynamic and engaging
  • Our goal is to foster a well-rounded child by introducing:
    • Manners
    • Philanthropic instincts, and
    • Respect for others
  • Make Believe Boulevard: An area dedicated for role-playing and pure fun – with a slide and ball pit
  • Each classroom is built to age-appropriate specifications
  • Purpose-built to ensure children are comfortable and safe. For example, our hallways all have rounded corners and our playgrounds are separated for younger and older children.
  • Cleanliness is an obsession. Examples include:
    • 14-step diaper changing process
    • Daily toy baths
    • Air purification systems ensure that even the air is clean!
  • Security for your child is our top priority. Features include:
    • A double-door secure entry system
    • Cameras in every room with monitoring from the administrator's office
    • Security fobs for parents
    • Alarms and more
  • View your child's daily activities right on your phone
  • See photographs of your child
  • Receive alerts such as event reminders, inclement weather, etc.
  • Developed exclusively by The Learning Experience®

Where fun and learning collide...

A first and only in our sector:

  • A safe and trusted online environment where children can continue The Learning Experience beyond their time in our centers
  • Our characters come to life through games, puzzles and videos
  • Your child will journey through a world of STEEAM interactions: Science, Technology, Engineering, Enrichment, Arts, Math
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