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Safe & Secure Centers

The safety of your children is the number one priority at each of The Learning Experience centers across the country. Rest assured that we have taken every necessary step to make sure that your child is safe and secure while they spend their day with us.

A security fob is required to gain entry into each and every one of our facilities. Only staff and registered families are issued fobs. All other visitors must be authorized by the administration staff and are required to present a valid government issued ID.

Fenced-in playgrounds and rounded corners in the hallways make certain that children are protected while in our care. Additionally, each classroom is equipped with cameras that are closely monitored by our administrative staff to make sure that every child is safe and properly supervised.

You can be sure that from the moment that you drop your child off in the morning, to the time you pick them up in the evening; your child is safe & secure at The Learning Experience®.